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silkandwool's Journal

Silk and Wool: A community for fashion designers
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All Members , Moderated
A community for those studying, interested in, and working in Fashion Design

Welcome to Silk and Wool
You should join Silk and Wool if:
-you are currently working as a fashion designer or have experience as a fashion designer
-you are attending school studying to become a fashion designer
-you want to be a fashion designer in the future

Rules for Posting
1. All posts must be relevent to the subject of the community, IE, related in some way to fashion design. That said, posts can be relevant to anything from career advice and coursework, to illustrations, critiques, inspirational photos, and more.
2. Posts are moderated.
3. This is not a selling community. Feel free to post a link to your blog or site as long as the majority of your post contains content that is relevant and topical to the community.

Please Introduce Yourself
Place of Work/University:
Favorite Fashion Designer:
Care to share any of your work?
Why you want to be a designer:
Comments or thoughts about fashion design: