first outfit (Demo) from my final college collection

So I had just did a "photoshoot" for one of the models from my final collection at college....
You be the jugde... I'm posting pics here since some of you might want to check them out.

here's a sketch

(btw that's my bro in the pics xD)

other pics: x x x
details: x x

if anyone is interested into the conception, in short I can just tell you that the
outfit is based on mental illness :depression, schizophrenia and DID.
mah face


Hey fashion designers! I found this website through someone in my class at school. It's a networking site where you can search for design jobs and even compare salaries and stuff - but the best part is that you can upload a portfolio, browse portfolios and other people can browse yours! The only other fashion-job site I know of is http://hautenet.com but this one seems really neat! This site is http://www.coroflot.com/ Does anyone else use it? Or has anyone had any luck with these sorts of websites?
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Introduction :)

Name:  Carolina

Occupation:  Student

Place of Work/University:  I'm currently going to the Northern Virginia Community College, taking basic liberal arts classes but I'm hoping to transfer somewhere better in a year.  I would really like to go to the New York Fashion Academy in Seattle, but since it's a very small school without dorms, I guess it's an impossible desire since I have no idea how I can live and get there.  Besides the academy, I'm looking to transfer to either Drexel University in Philly or Otis in Los Angeles.

Favorite Fashion Designer
:  Naoto Hirooka, Vivienne Westwood, and Alexander McQueen.  I also get inspiration from the people behind J-fashion shops like Sex Pot Revenge, Victorian Maiden, Putumayo, Atelier Pierrot, BTSSB, and others.  I also like clothing styles from the 1800's up to the early 1900's, and I have an obsession with Byzantine textiles, traditional Mexican clothing, and traditional Argentine clothes (the country I'm from :) )

Care to share any of your work?  Right now I only have fine arts pieces which I haven't taken photos of, sorry :( and the only things I have sewn are two shirts that I made when I was 16, which aren't very good.  Whenever I get a scanner I will post some stuff that I have made to the community.

Why you want to be a designer:  Well I never had the idea until I turned 16.  When I was really young I used to be a tomboy and I was actually very disdainful of fashion, I had the idea in my head that everyone in the fashion industry were anorexic, stuck up people, but as I got older and dabbled in alternative fashions I realized that fashion is a very, very diverse thing.  I wanted to be a comic book artist for a while, and I started realizing that when I drew my characters I would agonize and put a lot of detail into their outfits, hair styles, and the cosmetics on their face.  I stopped drawing comic panels and instead would draw close ups of the characters accessories or outfits.  At the same time, I started becoming involved in activism and DIY ethics which prompted me to learn how to sew and make things by hand.  I loved it, I would spend hours working on a shirt or learning a new embroidery technique, and I realized that I would be happiest if I could make clothes for people for a living.  I made a shirt once for a friend who loved it, it gave me such a good feeling that I could make someone happy like that and make them feel beautiful with what they are wearing.

Comments or thoughts about fashion design
:  I don't have much, I pretty much said all I wanted to say with the long paragraph above :)  I am very glad I got over my biased attitude, because I don't think I would have been as happy making comic books for a living (although it is a fun hobby) . 
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Girl sewing with mannequin

Introduction Post

Name: Alexandra

Occupation: Web Designer for a university, professor of Fashion History at the same university

Place of Work/University: BA in Art History from a state university in NJ, MA in Arts Management from same university, MA in Fashion & Textile Studies from the Fashion Institute of Technology

Favorite Fashion Designer: Callot Souers, Madame Gres

Care to share any of your work?:
Small thumbnails of some of my projects:

Why you want to be a designer: I'm a bit different in that I don't actually 'want' to be a designer, but I definitely enjoy sewing, designing, and knitting. I enjoy teaching fashion to students, but I'm not necessarily interested in having my own line. At least, not at this point in time.

Comments or thoughts about fashion design: I absolutely love fashion/sewing, and have felt this way my entire life. I'm fairly young (mid/late 20s) and my life is "settling" down into a job and field that combines my love of fashion and the arts. This is a big step for me as it feels as if my education and hard work has brought me to what I had originally wanted to do.

In my spare time, I sew for myself, knit for myself, knit for gifts, and also do lots of embroidery. I wish I had even more time for all of these projects, but with real life and a job, it's tough.

Fashion history is super important in my every day life because it helps me understand what has already been done, and it also inspires me in my work. I want my students to understand and recognize most (if not all!) designers of the past, along with the fashionable silhouettes and beauty standards of each time period.

Hey there!

Name: Well, I'd rather not put my real name (cyber saftey, yada yada yada) but my internet alias is Icicle Streams

Age: Still in High School.

From: Australia, baby!

So... I love art. I want to do art for my final year at school, and I love clothing design. I was always interested in sewing and stuff when I was young, but last year I was part of the costume team for the School Musical (Thoroughly Modern Millie, so that means 20s fashion!) where I learnt much more about clothing construction and fashion. I met heaps of fantastic people who saw fashion as a wonderful art form, and I caught the bug. I'd love to have my own business, and right now, I design t-shirts, as well as fairly simple clothes.

It's great to find a community like this! :)
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