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Just found this:


Whether you are a professional, student or amateur designer, we are looking for your innovative garments, samples, pieces that you the designer are wishing to sell. We are Sydney retailers of fashion interested in supporting up-and-coming designers.

Selling your creations is a great way to gauge the market popularity of your product & to create further awareness of your brand. Whether you already have your own label or not, we aim to sell your work. We buy from you, promoting your name & helping you to earn extra income from your work.

We are also involved in local fashion parades for new designers which give exposure & experience to everyone involved.

All you need is good quality work & on average, a range of at least six new individual pieces per month that we feel are right for our collection. We also need designers who want to progress within this field & that are interested in ongoing sales from month to month.

Expressions of interest are all welcome. Please email us with your enquiries or call to discuss further at anytime.

Niki 0404 55 7774

Not sure how legit it is. Does anyone have any experience with this sort of thing?

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