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introducing myself o_O

I posted a picture of the shirt I designed and made, and I read more about this community and the user info said that it would be nice if the members introduced themselves. so, here's my introduction :D

Name: Krista

Occupation: Student of fashion and clothing

Place of Work/University: Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences, Finland (I'm Finnish btw :D)

Favorite Fashion Designer: To be honest, I'm not into high fashion, I prefer lolita-, visual kei- and rock-fashion. So, it's kinda hard to name any favorite designers ^^*

Care to share any of your work? sure :D

a skirt I made~ there are chains and metal rings in the hem.

another skirt I made for Christmas party :D I'm sorry that I don't have a detailed picture of the fabric >__< there are cute teddy bears with scarfs and hats, and it's snowing and there's text "Merry Christmas" all over the fabric :D I bought the fabric from Estonia.

Just to refresh your memory, here's the shirt I posted earlier :D

Why you want to be a designer: I feel like this is the thing I can do the best o__O I suck at everything else XDDD

Comments or thoughts about fashion design: um... yay? XD


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