need_anoutlet (need_anoutlet) wrote in silkandwool,

YMA Fashion Scholarship Fund?

So I just found out today that I'm a winner of the YMA Fashion Scholarship Fund!! ( It's a crazy huge awesome deal for me and I'm currently dying of excitement and happiness. I get to go to this really super fancy shmancy gala in January in NYC at the Waldorf-Astoria, and I was wondering if anyone in the community might also be in attendance? Either as winners or for any other reason? It might be a long shot but if anyone is, we should try to get together to hang out before/during/after the event at the hotel!! Let me know!!

For everyone else, talk about times you won a crazy cool scholarships and how awesome it was and how you felt like the biggest baller of all time. Or, since I applied for the same scholarship and DIDN'T win last year, talk about applying to scholarships and not winning and how much it sucked!

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