vanillatweezle (vanillatweezle) wrote in silkandwool,

Introduction =3

Name: Beatrix.C
Occupation: High School Student
Place of Work/University: Don't Work currently ^^;

Why you want to be a designer: It's one of the top 3 occupations I'd want to go into when I get older. I've been sketching designs for various things since I was a kid. There's just something about it that I just love,even if the design I've made is just a self-made design on the back of a t-shirt =3
I'd love to really get into fashion designing when I get older,maybe sell my clothing online and give people a little break from mainstream clothing -^^- 

Comments or thoughts about fashion design: As I said,I really hope to get more into fashion,since up until now I haven't had the chance to look into it until now.
But I always wonder,why make designs/dresses that no one could ever wear besides in a fashion show? The designs are cool every once in a while but I always wonder why its done in nearly every show I've seen :I

To finish,I'm 16 years old (Turning 17 on the 7th of June).
I hope to meet some of you here in the group and I hope I can post some designs when summer vacation starts =D
Thanks for having me in the group! >3

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